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Red Dot Foundation is an Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) accredited NGO at the United Nations allowing us to formally contribute to the discussions.

Who We Are

Red Dot Foundation is a non-profit organization committed to making public and private spaces safer and more accessible for everyone, especially women and girls. Established in November 2014, we have come a long way in empowering communities through data-driven solutions.

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Our Mission

To harness the collective power of communities, technology, and data to create safer public and private spaces, free of gender-based violence and foster a culture of dignity, respect and equality.

Our Vision

A world where everyone is free of

1 in 3 women will suffer some form of sexual violence at
least once in their lifetime

UN Women

80% of cases of sexual assault are not reported to the
authorities, which creates an institutional data gap

Every 15 minutes a woman is raped in India

National Crime Report Bureau (India)

Women only represent 23% of the labour force in India

International Labour Organization

Only 8.46% of the of seats in the legislative assemblies are
held by women

International Labour Organization

The Need for Change

Stories of sexual harassment and abuse in public spaces that highlight the reality of women's experiences.

These stories were part of the Photo exhibition by Devina Buckshee and Ojas Kolvankar for Red Dot Foundation. All stories were recorded with full consent.

"I was with my 14 year old sister, walking to the station in Vikhroli when I felt unsafe and scared. A group of young boys started saying things like "Kya chal rahi hai yaha" and harassing us. This was in the afternoon. In daylight. In a crowd of many people. No one said anything. I turned around and gave them some gaalis (curse words) and that's when everyone intervened. They scolded me! They asked me why I was here! I felt so bad because I thought they would obviously side with me. How can we even go to the police when no one supports us in public?"

Vaishali, Junior college student

"Staring and touching in buses is common."

Babita, Professor in an engineering college

"These things happen. It's common, why complain?"

Neha, Engineering student

"Brushing up on the platforms, footbridge. It's not because of crowd, that’s the excuse."

Stephanie & Shaffer, Teachers

The following video contains content that may be traumatising or disturbing to some viewers.

Red Dot Foundation Uses Safecity Data to Action Change in Communities

What is Safecity?

Safecity is a crowd-sourced platform designed to collect anonymous reports about sexual and gender-based harassment and abuse. These reports are aggregated and visualized on a map, providing valuable data for individuals, communities, and policymakers.

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Geo-tagged Incidents

Pinpoint the location of each reported incident.

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Share your stories and learn from others.

Actionable Insights

Data driven solutions for safer spaces

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We have started a global movement for safe spaces.


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What People Say About Safecity, Red Dot Foundation's Flagship Platform

How Safecity has impacted people's lives, in their own words.

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